Post Acute Withdrawal - DVD
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Post Acute Withdrawal - DVD

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This popular series by Jan Black, Terence T. Gorski, and Daniel J. McEachern is now on DVD. The 1987 release of this program has been re-mastered with a Dolby Digital 2.0 soundtrack and a fresh new look. Part 1: Recognition and Part 2: Management are on the same 60-minute interactive DVD.

Post-Acute Withdrawal (PAW) is caused by the long-term aftereffects of chronic alcohol and drug poisoning on the brain. Many recovering people suffer from PAW and don’t know it.

Terry Gorski, an internationally recognized expert on relapse prevention, and Jan Black, a counselor specializing in relapse prevention therapy, discuss methods for recognizing and managing PAW. These presentations are powerful and informative and need to be seen by all chemically dependent people, their families, and the professionals who treat them. This program is appropriate for use in patient and family educational programs, staff training, and community awareness programs.