Relapse (Series 3)

This DVD series is designed to present vital information to your patients about Addiction (Series 1), Recovery (Series 2), and Relapse (Series 3).  Each part of the series is divided into three segments that are 30-40 minutes long.  Each presentation is produced in training blocks that are 8-12 minutes long.  A counselor can pause the DVD and facilitate a discussion of how that information applies to each person viewing the program.

Series 3: Relapse - In this dynamic series, Terry Gorski explains basic information about how to prevent and manage the problems of relapse.  Relapse is a common problem that threatens the recovery of nearly two-thirds of all addicted people who attempt to stop using alcohol and other drugs.  This powerful series explains in clear and easy-to-understand language the basic principles of relapse prevention, the common warning signs that lead from stable recovery to relapse, and how to establish a relapse prevention and relapse management plan.